The Backhouse Community

Te Manu Atatū Māori Business Network strives to support our Members in business growth and development. We empower our Members through networking, education, support, connection and celebration. We also encourage our Members to support each other by using their products and services. Nāu to rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi With your basket and my basket, we will sustain everyone

Digital Design that specialising in 3D Animation, Virtual Reality, VFX, Visualisations, Interactive Applications and Game Development. We use creativity and computer skills to design and create computer generated imagery for people and organisations. Being multidisciplinary we can be found in multiple parts of a production pipeline – helping with concepts or layout or getting down and dirty with c# or with a 3D modelling package. As Creative Technologists we are always looking to the future, constantly keeping relevant with the latest techniques and applications.

Education at YMCA creates new opportunity. Our philosophy is based on the understanding that education is about developing the whole person. We believe learning is socially constructed and that we learn from old and new experiences. We also learn from each other recognising the unique talents in each person. We value qualifications as a statement of competence and the opportunities qualifications open up for us. As a NZQA registered Private Training Establishment, we are specialist providers in Foundation and Vocational Pathway education. Our full-time programmes can lead to lead to NZQA level 1 and 2 qualifications. Unit standard and/or project-based assessments are features of our programmes and support the development of communication, problem solving, literacy, numeracy and interpersonal skills. 

Whanganui District Employment Training Trust or WDETT for short, are a charitable trust that has been working within the Whanganui community for the last 15 years. Initially called INTRANZ with a focus of “by industry for industry” it’s grown into what is now, several projects working with rangatahi through the Work Ready Passport programme to help with their transition into employment. Delivering programmes such as 100% Sweet, Start It Up, Youth To Work, and Port Employment Precinct.

IHI is a studio of interdisciplinary art and design, established in Whanganui. We explore artistic ideas and concepts through the use of digital technologies to output multi-media artworks. Our collaborative practice is a confluence of design, art, technology, science and the natural world with the uniqueness of also working with a mana whenua (Whanganui) world view.
Te Kaahui o Rauru is committed to the revitalisation of Ngaa Raurutanga. This is our taahuuhuu koorero. We are mindful that our Hauoratanga (social, economic and environmental) development must assist in this revitalization in order to ensure our endurance as Ngaa Rauru whilst guaranteeing that our uri enjoy good health, a quality lifestyle and are able to contribute to a global society with their Ngaa Raurutanga intact. It would be remiss of us if we were to strive for anything less than excellence in all that we do. We look to the future with confidence and determination that we exist to strengthen Ngaa Rauru Kiitahitanga on many fronts. Supporting development towards cultural, social, economic and environmental prosperity is our purpose.